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Lancement des films de snowboard: ENCORE et RENAISSANCE


Date : samedi, 17 octobre 2015 Heure : 22h (portes : 21h00) Tarif : 6$


Description en anglais seulement.


Following the critically acclaimed self titled, Déjà vu is back for more with « Encore »: A unique look into modern snowboarding seen through the eyes and the riding of one of the most progressive crew in snowboarding. Follow one more time this authentic group of friends as they chase snow, and good times around the globe.

Athletes: Ben Bilocq, Alex Cantin, Frank April, Jake Kuzyk, Phil Jacques, Laurent-Nicolas Paquin, Louif Paradis, Dillon Ojo, Nic Sauvé and Will Lavigne.



The Bruners takeover. When we got to the DeadEnd and thought the trip was most likely over, the young bucks from the crew took the wheel and drove back on the road to keep the dream alive. A new era was born, a Renaissance you could say. Now watch the boys go crazy, giving their bodies and souls for what they love the most, snowboarding.

Athletes: Alex Stall, Alexis Mailhot, JoTruchon, Lp Dorval, Nic Roy, Alex Gogo, Russell Beardsley

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